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not even risking that shit

I fuckin hate these

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Just ended my last giveaway, I’m loaded up with birthday cash, and I’d love to get to 5k followers, so here’s the deal:


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I had that nightmare again where all of my friends leave me 


for $17,000 you could buy 4,250 7-inch dress and skirt zippers in an assortment of colors.


This seems important for Kingdom Hearts cosplayers to know 

1: What was your first cosplay?
2: Favorite thing to cosplay?
3: Have you ever been in a panel at a convention?
4: How many people do you think you met because of cosplaying?
5: What do you think makes a 'good cosplay'?
6: Have a cosplay blog?
7: Ever done a group cosplay?
8: Couple's cosplay?
9: When did you start cosplaying?
10: Would you consider yourself good at cosplaying?
11: Which cosplay took you the longest time to make?
12: Shortest time to make?
13: Do you like Genderbent/AU cosplays?
14: List all of your cosplays.
15: Are you currently working on something?
16: Would you, if given the chance, cosplay at school/work?
17: Do any of your IRL friends cosplay?
18: What does your family think of it?
19: Do you consider cosplay an art?
20: Have you ever had to get help with a cosplay?
21: Least favorite thing to cosplay?
22: Ever been in a cosplay contest?
23: First con that you cosplayed at?
24: What's your definition of 'cosplay'?
25: Favorite tumblr cosplay ask blog?
26: Ever cosplay an inanimate object?
27: Who is your cosplay headcanon of your favorite character?
28: What is your 'Cosplay First Aid Kit' (what you use to repair a cosplay)?
29: Would you go pro?
30: Who is your favorite professional cosplayer?

i was taking a shower and i moved the fucking shower curtain to grab a razor and mY FUCKING CAT WAS THERE STARING AT ME I DIDN’T LET HIM IN

how do you take your phone in the shower
are you a wizard


i was taking a shower and i moved the fucking shower curtain to grab a razor and mY FUCKING CAT WAS THERE STARING AT ME I DIDN’T LET HIM IN

how do you take your phone in the shower

are you a wizard

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Anonymous said: Cosplaying as men is actually really offensive to all those struggling with the transition to being male. Instead of putting it on and off again like a costume and taking "sexy" photos, why don't you show some respect?


Wait, what?

Okay, um, wow. First of all, I respect all trans people and the struggle they go through every day, whether actively transitioning or not. We have many trans people in my community and I am good friends with a lot of them. I don’t even think of them as trans, I think of them as the identity they have told me is correct. I really don’t think that ‘showing respect’ is something I have to work on in this area - but I’m willing to re-examine this if told otherwise by a trans person.

However, the idea that crossplay somehow demeans the struggle people go through is absolutely ludicrous, and I’ll tell you why. We as a culture have some ridiculous but unreasonably rigid ideas of what ‘gender roles’ are, and it’s only recently that we’ve really begun to work on erasing the lines between those definitions.

Gender, for the most part, is a concept, a social construct, which is EXACTLY WHY people who are trans have the right to refer to themselves however they feel most comfortable, because definitions of abstract concepts ONLY exist to make us comfortable with them in the first place. Gender is an abstract concept, a thing that only has the definition that we give it, which is why gender identity is a PERSONAL thing that only matters to the person it pertains to because /only you can define who you are./ That’s why you can’t tell someone else what their gender is.

Now, the idea of personal definitions of gender is something that challenges traditional gender roles, a necessary revolution in language and structure of society today. Leading the vanguard of this movement is our trans community, who shuck off the old concept of gender definitions with their very beings. However, following them are your drag queens, your crossdressers, your feminists, and yes, your crossplayers. We look at traditional gender roles and spit at them, unlike people like you who want to push us into easily-labeled boxes. Who says I can’t be Tuxedo Mask instead of Sailor Moon? We are the people trampling the line in the sand between genders, obliterating it, because what we wear, whether it be costume or street clothes, that does NOT define who we are, who we identify as, or what we stand for. I can take off my costume, but I cannot take away the impression I leave on the person who saw me and realized that the gender I was underneath didn’t matter.

Because gender DOESN’T matter. And that’s what we are working toward - a time when society isn’t obsessed with gender, and where your gender doesn’t matter to anyone but you.

(PS. I don’t post ‘sexy’ pictures of my cosplays, but I’ll take it as a compliment that you think they’re sexy. Thanks!)

*does the look at this fabulous person pose* 


i’m crying


i’m crying

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