Important Questions I was asked this week

1. Whose Birthday is it? (Homestuck)

2. Is this a birthday party?

3. Is that your real hair?

4. What color is your real hair?

5. Who are you cosplaying today? 


golden retriever festival in scotland


golden retriever festival in scotland

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i may not be a straight a student but im training to play quidditch 

Things to Wish upon your enemy

1. Sneezing while they hurriedly rush to swallow
2. The pain of one missing card from their tournament deck, but they can’t recall which one.
3. Stepping on a lego
4. Stepping on a D8 if they dont have a lego
5. The feeling they’ve forgotten something important.
6. Fanfiction that always involved their OTP plus an OC.
7. Old school pencils in a room with no sharpeners. 
8. The Worry They’ve forgotten their deodorant. 
9. Their OTP never becoming canon. 
10. Finding a hair in their food and not knowing who it belongs too.

Sometimes I’m like a roleplay god. other times…. 



sometimes its hard to remember lol isnt something to laugh about 






if you dont think sheep are adorable im going to need a minimum of a 4 paragraph essay before i believe you

Esmeralda Love Post

Alright I am here to post about my favorite Disney Girl because a lot of “She didn’t need a man either” posts leave her out and she was one heck of a role model for me when I was little and my sixth birthday party was themed after what is /still/ my fave movie to date 

This here Is Esmeralda from the hunchback of Notre Dame 

She stood up to one badass dude who hated a group of people based on them being that people

Who then Burned down all of Paris for her

She stood up for people who needed protecting

Didn’t need them to be family

Didn’t need a man to save her

When the men tried to save her they screwed up royally and almost got her killed 

She actually was listed as a Disney Princess for years and I’m pissed she’s been removed but we still have Princesses who needed a prince to save them . 

" When the Disney Princess franchise was formed, Esmeralda was part of it, along with Snow WhiteCinderellaAuroraArielBelleJasmine,Pocahontas and Mulan[1] [2] She had remained in the franchise until 2004, appearing in many products, and also in some events. However, since 2005, she has not been seen along with the other princesses in any product, or event related to the franchise. Some issues may have led Disney to make that decision:

  • Her appearance is similar to Jasmine, which made girls confuse the two characters.
  • Her sultry pose in the film may have influenced the decision.
  • The fact of not having connections with royalty.
  • Her clothes deemed inappropriate for a princess.
  • The unpopularity of her film.
  • The fact of living on the streets, and not in a respectable family, like all the other princesses.
  • Not generating enough profits.

However, the possible reasons that led her to join the franchise was the fact of having an animal friend, singing in the film, as well as all the Disney Princesses (with the exception of Merida). Currently, nothing has been said if she will ever return to the princess franchise.”

So please in your argumentations about Disney Girls, remember this former princess because I would totally still be her if I could.