A Moment of thanks to whoever read les mis to turn it into a musical and a movie.


Shark bite bows

I think its important to remember that BBC is putting Doctor Who back in theaters for the 25th and only the 25th so you can see Capaldi as Doctor Who on a big screen. 

Plus, that means if it goes well, they might give us more specials in theaters. 

If there’s enough interest I’m going to start an aquarium on my etsy 

Oh Captain, My Captain

Dead Poet Society

R.I.P, Robin Williams

Shark week is so disappoint so far :/ 

Seriously, go back to just posting true things 

Cecil And Carlos have been dating for over a year. (July 15, 2013- the first date)





upd8 on why I’m never around 

the tardis and tumblr share the same dress base because the events are a week apart. 

My sewing machine is no longer functionable like thanks thing that is the reason I make any money.